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Finally passed my skill-test for pilot license

12 Sep 2019 • en 1 min read

It took 3 years but was totally worth it   Read more

Daedalean’s autonomous flight tech featured in news

18 Aug 2019 • en 1 min read

Daedalean AI has been featured in some leading aviation news providers, check that out!   Read more

Subtle pitfalls of conditional probabilities and the Borel-Kolmogorov paradox

06 Jan 2019 • en 16 min read

It is a non-trivial (and sometimes an ill-posed) task to define conditional probabilities using straightforward formula like . Attempt to gather what I learned myself and taught in the classes.   Read more

Our paper in Journal of Theoretical Computer Science

28 Dec 2018 • en 1 min read

Our long paper on posterior agreement was published in J. of TCS   Read more

PhD thesis and talk published

23 Dec 2018 • en 1 min read

Published PDFs of my PhD thesis and defence talk.   Read more

Daedalean AI helicopter flight tests (demo video)

22 Dec 2018 • en 3 min read

Just in case you wondered what we do at Daedalean AI, working towards the airworthy certifiable visual autopilot.   Read more

Спровоцировал SAR INCERFA: учеба на собственных ошибках.

23 Jun 2018 • ru 10 min read

По горячим следам об одной из собственных ошибок, на которых учишься быстрее всего, — и хорошо, что без особых последствий. Что такое флайтплан и что бывает, если его не закрыть.   Read more

PPL: как началось. Часть 1.

09 May 2018 • ru 12 min read

О решении пойти на PPL. Более лирическая первая часть. Почему летать. Первые обзорные и ознакомительные полеты   Read more

Начинаю ветку постов про авиацию

02 May 2018 • ru 3 min read

В скором времени я планирую начать оживлять этот блог, и стартану, пожалуй, с полупрофессиональной, полу-“хоббийной” для меня темы — авиации.   Read more

Our ISIT paper accepted

31 Mar 2018 • en 1 min read

Our (together with Joachim Buhmann and Wojciech Szpankowski) submission “Free Energy Asymptotics for Problems With Weak Solution Dependencies” got accepted to this year’s ISIT’18 (International Symposium on Information Theory) in Colorado.   Read more

PhD examination passed

06 Mar 2018 • en 1 min read

PhD defense of my thesis “Statistical Mechanics and Information Theory in Approximate Robust Inference” successfully passed! Administrative formalities are still underway, and I’ll be happy to put my thesis online later.   Read more


25 Dec 2017 • en 1 min read

I’m glad to join the awesome team of Daedalean AG around May in the role of flight software engineer! I’ll be specializing in artificial intelligence approaches. Daedalean strives to make autonomous flying by visual cues (for those informed: cf. VFR) certified (cf. EASA).   Read more

JCSS paper is out!

16 Nov 2017 • en 1 min read

Our JCSS paper (“Robust optimization in the presence of uncertainty: A generic approach”) is out - a nice birthday present btw!   Read more

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