Daedalean's autonomous flight tech featured in news

18 Aug 2019 • 1 min read
Tags:   news aviation

Daedalean AI has been featured in some leading aviation news providers, among others Avionics International and eVtol

evtol.com: Daedalean’s system can spot other traffic and birds at greater distances than the average human pilot. That will allow it to provide collision avoidance assistance to human pilots even before aircraft achieve full autonomy, the company said. Daedalean Image.

It is awesome to be part of a highly-skilled, motivated and live team. Personally, I continue to learn every day with a constantly growing velocity!

Avionics International: This image shows the use of Daedalean’s image recognition technology generated from a real-time view from an onboard camera with a real-time advisory of safe landing spots. Photo Daedalean.

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